Friday, October 14, 2005

Ta Ta Kareena Kareena

Noooooo. Yeh nahin ho sakta .... ah...

I was watching Kareena Kareena just a usual. And bang - at the end of it, they said "Good Wishes & GoodBye". Just like that. I didn't see this coming, so it's a real shocker.

Tried to cheer myself that Hum Paanch is coming back. But no Kareena Kareena, boo hoo hoo. This is not fair.... Ok, let me compose myself and say what I had been wanting to say, but did not find time to.

Kareena Kareena was the Best of Hindi serials around. Just last week I was thrilled, coz it was Kareena-Tushar wedding week. And Prem (Shah Rukh Barucha), my favourite, came back, even if a cameo. And few weeks before that, I was thrilled that my emails had worked, and she was back in Saree.

This fast-paced serial has been through a lot of changes. But unlike, others, where the plot may move 20 years ahead, or the actor may change anyday, any time (even mid-serial), here the changes had been gradual and smooth. For that matter, after watching it from the past one half year, I can say, its in its fifth stage now. Its more like fifth season, only there is no concept of seasons in Hindi Serials. Its always non-stop and then they go dead without winding up of any of the threads.

Here the pace was fast, but even. The story keep twisting and turning every 10 minutes. Everything what we except seem to about to happen, but never does - something else happens.

It was an experience to see her fib. She gets caught in something, and then right from the top of her head, she would spin a tale. Each one incredible, but obivious at hindsight. Ah the cycle of shocks and relief. Each of the charaters, major & minor, are well developed. And most of them adorable.

Ah, now its all over. I think they got exhausted churning out good, refreshing & innovative episodes, 4 days a week. They should take a break, and come back with new season. Fingers-crossed.


AmitL said...

Hi,Prithi,nice blog.I came here by chance,when I googled for Kumar Sanu's new album.Heh heh.:)About Kareena Kareena,well,somehow,I never got around to watching it with much interest.Happens..but,it is surprising that it's ended so soon,when other less interesting soaps have been dragging on for decades.Do drop by my blog.(

AfricaBleu said...

Don't you hate when television networks cancel your favorite shows without warning? I am STILL wondering what the heck has happened to "Scrubs" this season - will it EVER return?

Sorry, dear. Obviously, I can sympathize!

Prithi Shetty said...

Ya, now 9:30 PM is such a black hole. I dont know what to watch with dinner. snif snif I checked out your post on Scrubs.

Prithi Shetty said...

Amit, thanks for stopping by my blog. Your rediff blog is sure din-chaek.

Rahul said...

Are you a hardcore couch potato ?
Anyway I wish to see Hum Paanch again, specially Sweety singing at the door and Priya takling out of the portrait. :)

chicaneesa said...

i love sb in this soap and cried wen he the beginning of kkk and then it went toally downhill after that.

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