Thursday, October 6, 2005

Years Meme

Wow ! I have been tagged after a long time. By Becky @ pith, marrow and coffee spoons. I am going to break the two of them into 3 memes.

I had newly met my hubby and was walking in the clouds with a perpetual silly smile, followed by wild checking if anyone saw me. Mutual declaration was to follow, in 5 more days.

I was soaking in the lovely place called IISc. Beautiful place to work. I clearly remember all those walks in the campus. Halogen-lit rain-soaked Gulmohar & Jacaranda avenues. << deep breath >>

That doesn't seem like long time. I am sure I was doing the same thing I did today. Hmm. This is dull.
Also, maybe constantly cross-checking the 9th anniversary surprise gift I hide, from my hubby.

Was Wednesday and I drove. Via treacherous terrain of rain-soaked Banshankari VI Stage and perpetually-in-repair Mysore Road. To my parents home, for their Grihapravesh (house-warming) ceremony. They finally moved to their new house. (And I have no immediate plans of returning their TV. Tsh Tsh, I am a TV-Addict, what can I say?)

And let me pass on this baton to
  • Thomas - Haribol!
  • KhelNayak
  • Sugar
  • SonSon

    khelnayak said...

    hi prithi,
    What a pleasant surprise! Thanks for tagging me. Hope i do justice to it. :)

    I so much wish that i be in the phase you were 10 years ago. :) Its said love happens by chance. So glad for you. Now pray for me too. Hehe....

    And IISc? What were you working there as? Professor kya? I too love the campus and especially the fact that girls too dont feel shy of using bicycles to roam around within the campus. I too use one for my conveyance. Thats the connect you see!

    Read your previous post too. Was indeed surprised again! Havent heard of it in our side though.

    And yeah, are u coming for the blogger's meet? Please do if you are free. I am making it in all proabability. Would love to catch up with you. :)

    AfricaBleu said...

    I am still so impressed that you are driving - braveheart.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Amarnath, yes IISc is a great place. I was a Proj Asst there.

    Hi Becky, the charm of driving is still on. I keep updating my report card :)

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