Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Books & Movies

A chat with my friend M got me thinking on this.

There are so many movies based on books. And very often, in my case, I have read a book, after I saw the move. Just to see the difference between them, and how much the director has wavered away from the book. More often, it is only the characters which is the same or similar, and the movie screenplay is very different.

So here's a compilation of my experience.

Saw Movie, Read book:
- Contact
- Jurrasic Park
- Ice Candy Man (Movie: 1947-Earth)
- Count of Monte Cristo
- Oliver Twist
- Pride & Prejudice (oh so many versions)
- Guide

Saw Movie, Want to read the book:
- Bridget Jones Diary,
- Princess Diary

Not seen, Not read; want to do both:
- Sideways - by Rex Pickett
- The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy
- Da Vinci Code
- Shall we dance ?

Read book first; may or may not watch the movie:
- Harry Potter Series
- To Kill A Mockingbird

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