Monday, April 25, 2005

"Deception Point" by Dan Brown

Just finished it. Started 4 days back.

Read it to see what else does Brown write. Otherwise, the description on the jacket was not exactly enticing.

Plus, after I found out that "Angels & Demons" is an exact replica of "Da Vinci Code" in terms of plot and character, and only the background differed, I was worried "Deception Point" is based on "Digital Fortress" template. Maybe it is not, maybe it is. Should find out.

Anyway, "Deception Point" was a good thriller alright. Was definitely very toned down. But ok. And well the template format works here too.
Point all suspisions to the big respected institutions and toward the end, reveal that they are only victims, whereas teh actual fraud was conducted by someone else. That way, you can build up attention by pointing fingers at the big shot (also sacrosanct). And then backoff safely, by making the non-entity or a small-shot (!) the culprit :D This is from the writers point of view.

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