Saturday, April 23, 2005


I think they are just fine.

They are the people and companies partially responsible for the good economy and growth we are seein in India. I am talking of telemarketing BPO, esp banks.

Secondly as Indians, we are used to interruptions, whether at dinner or afternoon naps. Our moms have faced doorbells rung by bai, raddiwalla, soap or papad or pickle seller, anybody. Banks selling credit cards or loans is just another one. I mean, we do not have any strict standards of privacy or dinner-time interruptions.

Plus there are so many tackling techniques. People who love a a bit of spice in life, will always go for the agressive approach of arguement. But heres my approach:

  • Slowly wispher, "I am in a meeting right now. Please call me later." And that will never happen
  • For credit cards, "I already have your bank credit card. (Which one?) Gold card."
  • Car loan, "I already have a car. Bought by cash."

A little bit of polite lie is not a bad idea.

Soaps & detergent ? I think society has a way to keep tabs. Self correcting mechanisms will never disappear.

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