Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Minnesota Half Marathon - StPaul - 2016 - Race Recap

I will say this in the beginning. I am not feeling any thrill. Disappointment actually, about the unsurprising result. I guess I knew it would end up this long. But I zoned out thanks to my stubborn refusal to look at the watch in the middle of a race. I did not try any harder.

This year, my strides have shortened. I refuse to stride farther, for fear of tiring out. Its more like a power-walker - one feet refuses to leave ground till the other one touches ground; both are never in the air at the same time. I continue to take walk-break. I am beginning to doubt that slow but steady approach I adopted this year. And the part, that I skipped every single speed workout in the training cycle. And that I stick to treadmill, and not run outside much. I mean, there is only so much you can stride on a treadmill, without the risk of falling off.

All these emotions are about my race result from last Saturday. No passionate emotions, I refuse to do that. Maybe if I did bring in some passion, I might speed-en up ! Anyway ... I completed the Minnesota Half Marathon in 3:05:54 hours. I ran the same race 2 years back. It was HOT that day ! Killer hot. And that one, I finished in lesser time - 2:49 hours. What's the logic ! I am lost really.

The organizers took loads of steps for the temperature control.
Start time was earlier this year, which is a brilliant change. The start time was 7:15 am vs (if I remember correctly) it was 8:30 am or 9 am last time, so by the end time of 12 noon, I was baked in the sun.
The course had a new loop for the same Shepard Road. We started westward and turnaround was around 4.5 miles. The return lap was not as sunny as it used to be. There was even a huge stretch of woods in the middle divider, so it helped. Then we ran 2 miles further from the start point and turned around the bridge. This lap was by the river again. So this time, it was more time spent facing west. And also on the side closet to the river, so it was cool & breezy. And a huge stretch had trees vs last time when it was bare throughout. The temps through this race was 70F-75F range.

Rest of the arrangements were also first class. Packet pickup at Running Room in St Paul, the previous night, gave us an opportunity to explore Harriet Island Park, which was crowded with youngsters peering into their phone while walk aka Pokemon Go hunting. Water stops were perfectly spaced. Some of them had a new sports drink ASPIRE, which was lemony good.

Personal Nutrition wise, I am beginning to hate those Gu things. I stuck to only 2 i.e. 1 per hour. I don't think they help in anyway. I should go back to eating a Cliff Bar through the race. Other thing, I missed on carb loading the previous night. Indeed I ate less than I usually eat, on a non-pre-run night. Well so the result of the experiment is that yes I should dine my fill on a pre-race night.

This year's shirt is very different good. I am thrilled actually. It has a great fit and the hemline is a trendy cut. I feel like I can wear this for casuals, not just running. Medal was the same Minnesota map one, only larger. I actually love this medal.

Okay, sounds like a good quality ranting post after a long time. And first one for Running category :)

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