Wednesday, July 12, 2006


This is too horrible for words.

Morning, 5 blasts in Srinagar.

Evening, 8 blasts in Mumbai.

I was commuting at the very same time. Only in a different city.
Reached home to get this news and spend all evening watching the images.

Of mangled train compartments, rush in hospitals,
rain soaked onlookers,
of first eye-witnesses choking when they recounted what they saw,
people trying to reach home and bystanders helping with drinking water.
The phone lines were down till midnight. Maybe it was a good thing. Gave all sometime to absorb the severity of it all.

On the side: No matter how much we berate the news channels, they have shown maturity in their reporting. All but Sardesai's channel. Now he is definitely out of my TV forever.


AfricaBleu said...

Man, that is scary.

Akash Sethia said...

Yeah !!?

I anyways do not watch Sardesai's channel. But now that you told me - I might not even try

drrj said...

my dad was in one of the trains, but luckily he escaped..but had a horrible time as had no news from him for nearly two hours after the blasts, as the phones went down.....

Prithi Shetty said...

Oh that must have been horrifying. Good thing he is ok.

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