Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Get in Gear 2016 - Half Marathon - Race Recap

I had such a perfect race, I had nothing to blog about. I don't know how to post my smile emoji here :) Seriously like nothing went wrong, so what to do write about ? But blogging tradition needs to be maintained. Snapshot needs to be posted. Else how would I remember what a Perfect race felt like ? After all, memory dims pretty fast. So here it goes.

I reached early this time and parked at VAMC and took the shuttle provided by Get In Gear. Morning was chill for an warm April morning. I was seriously doubting my single layer blue UnderArmour shirt. At the pickup point, I decided to wear the race shirt as my 2nd layer. It was short sleeve too, so I doubted how it would help or that it will heat me up. But it turned out perfect. And I love the material for some reason. This is my new favorite race shirt.

Start was usual and got to hear the usual chatter around. My pace was good. I did not push or burn. Kept the slow steady pace. Keyword being steady, which means less walking.

I have to talk about the finish. As I reached the turn to take left towards the cobblered path towards the Minnehaha Falls, I was worried about my time, something i had ignored all the while. And then I saw the clock showing like 2:58. Now I had to keep this sub-3 so I sprinted like mad and made it within 3. I was thrilled by that alone. And later when the official result was published, found out that it was 2:55:53 . Yeah !

I was not tired or sore. Throughout & at the end and after the end. Indeed, I lingered around so much, I missed the last bus-shuttle to the car park at Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMC). Somebody guided me towards it (coz I am bad with directions even after coming from that way in the morning bus). And then I walked those 2 miles. So it turned out to be a recovery walk - something I usually skipped. That helped keep soreness away,  I can see that now.

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