Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pappu radio chala

Swaying NilgirisThere is something about morning commute and radio. Wind in the hair. Gloomy cloudy sky even at 9am. Driving on a route with no signals, slowing only at speed-breakers.

And suddenly scream "Hooi hooi hooi hooi, But Pappu cant dance sala ..."

Radio One 94.3FM is my current favourite day-time radio channel. (Nothing can beat Vivdh Bharti for a quite peaceful night). And I have to endorse RJ Prithvi. He is definitely very entertaining without being a nuisance. His 'News in Kanglish' is laugh-worthy everytime.

Btw there was a promotion of Love Story 2050, and in which Harman Baweja says, "... mujhe milye, mein hoon Harman Baweja.."

Twing ... I was transported to the Film Studio canteen where Pappu Master was lecturing Omprakash Makhija on the importance of proper name in Films. Gotto say he is right. If you don't find the connection, try repeating HB'a name a few times.

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