Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Turn, straighten, turn, straighten

Let me begin with the grand 94.3FM Radio One PJ
Rajnikant Idea No 111nama - The other day I went to the park. Policeman came and started screaming at me. I gave one tight slap. I said, "What is this ?" Car-ra. "Where is it?" Park-ka. "So what is this?" "Car Park". He he ha ha ha ha ...

May not be funny in print, but it's funny to hear it on Radio. Especially that Rajni imitator. But something which is not funny, is the whole Car Parking subject.

Finding a car park, say in Jayanager. Sliding it into the tini-tiny space, without touching. All those are old news. Something conquered and struggle forgotten. Now it's second nature.

But now there are newer challenges facing us drivers in Bangalore. We face it each & every time we want to drive into that viscible free space. It's called "Multi Level Parking (MLP)".

First time I parked in Forum MLP, I was totally floored. No, I did not floor the car or anything. I was absolutely fida. Forum MLP is that beautiful ! You enter the base level, turn the steering, just enough degree to tackle the turn. Bus, and now you could even fall asleep with your feet on accel. Till your ride screams "parking available". Coz the angle is so smooth, you can drive up nonstop. No changes required at all.

That's it. I thought this is the parking heaven. This is what Bangalore needs. And soon I was feverishly praying for MLP's across Bangalore.

My prayers were answered. MLP's did come up everywhere. Just that they forgot to employ the same engineer/designer. That means, most of them screwed up.

Each MLP that came up was one degree more icky than the previous one. My office one is great. But it requires to adjust the steering at every level. Turn, straighten, turn, straighten. Imagine doing that for 6 floors. Imagine that much concentration, that much focus. Every since I discovered internet, my attention span has reduced so much - this much focus is the longest I ever have.

Most screwed up would have to be the one in a mall near Koramangala Ring Road. My friend told me their MLP requires slow driving & reverse at every level. Reverse ! On a slope ! At every level ! I cannot even begin to imagine ... the level of stupidity. Seriously, reverse on a slope - I am definitely not going that side.

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