Thursday, July 17, 2008

Life changing role

As besotted as I am, I think I need to wake up and get out of the sentimental pool. Because I have the higher authorities following up on me. That I am not teaching her anything. Teach her to eat, to walk, to talk. That they have to do everything.

The first thing I faced after the post-partum honeymoon period was over, is the number of accusations I need to face. Nobody dared say anything to me when I was the quickfire rebellous youth. Now that I was besotted & vulnerable, everyone had something to say to me. "You feed her unboiled water, that's why she caught cold." "You didnt warm the food enough, so she is not eating." "Oh this is so hot, how can she eat?" "Look you gave cold food, how can she eat?" Someone might think I was not the mother !

So now after the First Birthday Party, I have decided to take on the role of teacher too. That I will sit down & play with her. And teach her to sing, and play and what not. Sometimes I feel that's a Teacher's job. And that is their strength. No one can teach rhymes and tell stories like they can. Why should I even try ? Let me provide for other things.

Which brings me to Housework. If there is one thing I hate about housework, it's that it just never ends ! Its totally 24x7. There is always something left to do. And once it is over, there it is again. No matter how quickly you finish or delegate it. Absolutely neverending loop. Earlier I thought SAHM is the best option. I would get to spend a LOT of my time with Baby. What I did not know was that, Housework would suck out all of my time. And it's no different, when I went back to work.

So ultimately this area also needs discipline & mental power - to not be sucked into a guilt-trap about untidy house or food-not-on-time, etc. And just spend time with my kid.

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