Friday, April 21, 2006


Oh my poor blog. No updates for so long.
But I am so relieved - they didn’t destroy it, as a punishment for inactivity.

But I checked - most of my fellow bloggers haven't updated in a quite a long time. Maybe it's that time of the year, when everyone is flooded with work.

So well my excuse is that
with everything happening at work,
and absolutely nothing in personal life,
what can I blog about ?
No movies, no books. Ok, definitely a lot on TV.

I love that "Kaun Rakhe Rang" ad, sung by Kailash Kher. His rendition stands out. Really beautiful vocals. And even more so the visuals. All color, from all across India. Exotic maybe, but definitely beautiful.
I had to watch it 10 times to figure out the product.
Hmm, and visually uncannily similar to LIC ad.

Good music is really ... I don’t know what.
2 other songs that have made home in my head are:
  • Bijuriya(Remix) - Shaadi se Pehle
  • Naam Hai Tera Remix - Himesh Reshammiya
    Really catchy, dancy songs. They have used good sounds.
    (As you might have noticed, I am a Remix fan. More about that later.)
    More than TV, they sound better on Radio.

    Radio, oh finally we have new channel. 93.3 FM. So far so good.
    Less RJ blabber, less ads, less promos and More Songs - something really important. Good quality voice too. They play Hindi songs all night long.

    Did I say I didn’t have anything to blog about ?
    I am a real under-estimator.
    And also in hurry.
    (Thanks Kusuma, for pushing me to update)

    Ciao for some time now.

    khelnayak said...

    Hi...coming back after a long time...and i havent missed much. :p

    Coming to the ads, the airtel one - power of human expression - takes the cake. Your comments plz!

    White Forest said...

    welcoem back....nice to see your post :)

    Yes that ad..i too like it!

    AfricaBleu said...

    Yay, hello Prithi. I too have been lax in the posting department. Maybe when it gets too hot to be outside, I will feel like posting more.

    Excuses, excuses... :)

    Shankari said...

    93.3 you say? Hey, I prefer 91.0! ;)

    Welcome back Prithi.

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