Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Monsoon & Mangoes are here !

Dark cloudy evening

Monsoon arrived on the cue, straight this weekend. Actually Monsoon is too heavy a word. In Bangalore, it only means dark clouds, cool wind and light showers. All the road flooding is man-made, so I wont include it in Monsoon definition.

And this being Mango season, they are just everywhere. Whether it's chilly, dark outside or hot sunny afternoon, nothing beats a tangy kairi with salt & chilly ! Absolutely drool-worthy.

Mango, salt & chili ! More Mangoes


Anonymous said...

Ymmmmmm! Miss both the Mangoes and the Monsoons! Sigh!!

moonstruckmoth said...

Having just moved to Bangalore frm Bombay, I was bracing myself for the "MONSOON", but as u said monsoon here means just dark clouds n cool wind...n occasional showers...but m not complaining...it's quite beautiful...the weather here...

N I so miss those kairis...armed w/ loads of salt n chilli powder, me, my bro n my dad used to eat 10-15 (n this is no exaggeration) deliciously raw mangoes in one sitting...

BTW, I like ur posts...have read a few...will keep coming back :)

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