Friday, October 27, 2006

Men & Cricket

Our TV has conked out and in repair shop. So yesternight we followed the India vs West Indies match on Radio.

Raj: Neighbours sunenge toh hasenge

Last 10 overs were very interesting, very tight. '13 runs for 13 balls'. But wickets were going off pretty quick. Then Lara came ... it was all quite here. Commentators paint quite a picture - hyped up Lara's entry & "how everyone shakes with fear". But then he left soon too. Then in was '5 runs in 5 balls'. Victory seemed very pausible. But something went wrong and there was a sixer. Total gloom out here.
Raj: But its ok. TV hota to aur pain hota.

What with all the visual images & post analysis.
Raj: Yeh log kya khelenge Australia ke saath.

Tini: They will squash our team like mosquitoes [completely depicting the whole thing with his right palm flying through like a air-bomb landing on his left palm]

Raj: Those bulky Aussies will enter the field and hold a "Good Night" each. All India team dead.


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