Friday, October 6, 2006

Fresh Bangalore

This week has been truely amazing. Bangalore looked like the same city, but in a parallel universe. Less crowds everywhere.

With a long weekend, and Wednesday off, half or rather more then half of the population was away.

Visually everything looked amazing. Less people everywhere. Definitely peaceful & quite mid-days.

I even got to cruise at 5th gear on BTM layout road. Those who haven't been there on weeknights, when it takes 40-50 minutes to cross the 4km stretch, they will never understand my joy. And disbelief.

This long holiday has really freshened my mind.

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Anonymous said...

even was there during this time, it was really amazing to see less crowd all cross, it gie kind of sense of peace let the city develop in all corners and basic amenities be available in the outer skirts (like delhi), this may reduce the traffic.

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