Saturday, October 28, 2006


Watched Jaan-E-Mann and 5 out of 5 of us loved it.

Initially from promos it felt like a sad serious triangle movie. But actualy it is a lot of comedy, with a equal measure of emotions and a dash of tragedy. And good songs. Perfect well balanced mix.

Definitely different movie. Format is nothing we had seen before out here in Hindi movies. Of showing same incident from all 3 point of views. That was for revealing new layer in the story. Of flashback in a more physical way. That was entertaining. Special Effects here, were purely to entertain, not to dazzle alone. Director has done lot of background work. Detailing & continuity are perfect. The telescope, laptop & projector remain throughout the movie, without giving us a lecture on technology. It's amazing how a movie with only good characters can grip you throughout. No villians, except one, ok not the usual baddie.

Songs were all great. My favourite is Ajnabi shehar hain.... Love the way Sonu pulls every ...ainnnnnnn just to test how breathless we can remain :) And Humko maloom hain... was very masaledaar, but so tasty that I can try it out again. Jane ke jaane na is playful and picturised well, bringing everything & what not, in one room. Sau dard hain.... was really sad. Picturization wise, its a worthy beta of Tanhayi from 'Dil Chahta Hain'.


Salman begins with his usual dead-pan faced. But soon he gets to show some subtlety - in Ajnabi shehar hain.... What he feels for Piya, appears so flitting, it's easy to miss out that on TV. And later he gets to bawl his eyes out - something missing from his movies in the last 5-10 years. So that was good.

Ashkay's laugh was really catchy. Lot of people were infected - laughing like him on their way out of the theatre.

And such a lovely cute baby, such expressive eyes & smile :) They captured her in different moods and used them at the right dialoge in the movie.

Preity Zinta acts well as usual. We are always on her side. And she looks pretty throughout. I think she is the one bringing usable skirts back in fashion in India. But she should stop wearing those hideous wavy wings. They make her face look puffy. It happened in KANK & in Scooty & Tea ads. And same here in the first part. Thankfully she swicthes to straight hair and looks youthful & energetic. Though in real-life, I think wavy is beautiful and ironed hair is hay-like, I would prefer PZ not to go for it.

Farah Khan & Shirish Kunder have established their style of filmmaking with Main Hoon Na and Jaan-E-Mann. And I hope they will take it forward and make of lot of good & digestible entertaining movies. Hindi film-making mantra in 2005-6 has been good script & innovation in cast, characters & detailing. Its definitely working. Cause it's been raining good movies these 2-3 years.

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