Friday, October 21, 2005

P. G. Wodehouse Rocks !

P. G. Wodehouse Rocks ! He is the humor equivalent of Conan Doyle's suspense and Austen's, hmm, formality.

JEEVES IN THE OFFINGHere I am, sitting in a bus, stuck in a bumper-to-bumper traffic, yet unable to control my sudden bursts of giggles. Thankfully most of the bus is asleep, tired from work and rocked gently to zzzz. Else they would have wrongfully assumed me to be a loony. Much like the way, to solve a huge impending problem, Jeeves puts Bertie in a situation where everyone but the intimate circle, assumes he is a loony or kleptomaniac or boot-polish faced tresspasser. And yet all Bertie can do is worship Jeeves and sing his praise.

I had hoped I would be concise and finish with just "P. G. Wodehouse Rocks !". But looks like I can't escape PGW's influence and just need to use long-winded sentences. I have finished 2 of his books and now 3 unread PGW, lying in my library, beckon me. Lets see, what they turn me into ?

PGW created such amazing plots, filled with peculiar but adorable characters (much like Kareena Kareena). I wonder how he wrote all this ? Was it at one go ? Or one chapter per week ? Were these serialized in some magazine, like Dickens & Alexamder Dumas ? Did he make a hundred drafts ? Did he create the plot first and then fleshed it up with his wit and wordplay ? There is so little I know of his writing method. I have purposely refrained from Googling him too much. Want to let the mystery continue. Ignorance is bliss.


Thomas said...

P.G. Wodehouse has long been a favorite of mine. I think his best novel is "Pigs with wings," and my favorite short stories are the ones featuring Stanley Featherhaughstone Ukridge.

I would love to be able to weave a story in and out the way he does!

AfricaBleu said...

Upon your recommendation, Prithi, I am going to check him out!

And I'll make you one, too - have you read Alexandar McCall Smith's "No. 1 Lady Detective" series? SO GOOD - funny, unique - just great.

Thomas said...

I second the motion for the McCall-Smith series! If you read the first one, you'll be hooked!

Prithi Shetty said...

2 recommendations - hmm, will surely check it out.

LightRain said...
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Shankari said...


Thanks a ton! For inspiring me to create my own blog! I read yours and wanted to post- but couldn't:( till I created my own blog.

I love PGW too and stay in B'lore & miss Kareena Kareena! BTW, do you watch Takeshi's castle?

Having been my inspiration, please do check out my newly minted (fresh off the net today) blog! See you around.

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