Friday, September 23, 2005


Nature is at its furious worst this year. Especially Water.

Begining with the Tsunami in Dec. Then floods in the most unlikelest places like Gujrat, Maharashtra, North Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh. Even Switzerland - I didnt know mountains are susceptible to floods. And Hurricane Katrina. Updates on upcoming Hurricane Rita are disturbing. And now cyclone in Andhra.
Andhra, washed away
The coastal districts of Andhra Pradesh were battered by torrential rains following a tropical cyclone that hit the area. It claimed 58 lives in two days. Heavy downpours also saw rivers overflowing their embankments, forcing the evacuation of thousands.

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Sugar said...

And! This past Thursday a pipe tucked away in the ceiling @ work broke sending waterfalls in different spots very near my desk!

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