Saturday, January 30, 2016

India Republic Day Parade 2016

Watching India's Republic Day has been my yearly ritual, whenever life has been steady. In school days Every year, it was a much needed holiday. That meant to sleep late and watch this on TV, lying under a blanket.

This year I could watch it the day before, as a late night show, being in a different timezone.
And Thanks to Youtube for their live telecast.

Hubby and me chattered and gossiped about each of the display. The first set of military parade was boring for me as a child. We would impatiently wait for the cultural ones to start. But wow, now it was so impressive to my adult eyes now. Hubby says, "Doosre country walon ki phat jati hai, yeh parade dekhke."

Karnataka set was lovely. Huge sculptures related to coffee and smaller ones about laptop. Maybe 4 people walking by in the traditional outfits. Immediately I say, "ya because rest of the folks are busy working in IT offices". Nobody takes a weekday off for anything else.

And there was the jhanki of Assam. Beautiful Assamese folks dressed in lovely Assamese silk and Mehkla-chaddor dancing Bihu.

Other set that I usually watch out for and cheer is Maharashtra. But I didn't find it this year.

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