Friday, March 11, 2005

Facts about me

  1. Am addicted to TV, so have barred it from my new home.
  2. Am particular about aplha-numeric and chronological orderin of everything.
  3. Bookshops used to be my favourite haunts.
  4. Gradual vegeterian, the only one in my family from all sides and have never converted anyone else.
  5. After 10 years of Vegetarianism, now have started eating Fish & Crab ! Love them !
  6. Have Bungee-jumped. Twice.
  7. I am an Aquarius.
  8. That explains my love for Water.
  9. I dont have a four-wheeler license yet
  10. I know to knit a muffler
  11. I like football, and don't follow cricket
  12. I like romantic comedy movies with happy endings.
  13. I like sitcoms - F.R.I.E.N.D.S., Fraizer, Kareena Kareena (Zee 9:30pm), Sarabhai vs Sarabhai (Star One Mon 9pm), Caroline in the city, Still Standing,...
  14. I love shopping for lemon.
  15. I love these guys: Spiderman, Jackie Chan, Aamir Khan, Arnold Schwarzenegger
  16. I love to eat.
  17. I need minimum 3 hours sleep and no limit on max.
  18. I procastinate - to henna (color) my hair, to buy new clothes, ....
  19. I think cooking is an over-rated art.
  20. In a bookshop I mostly shop for notebooks
  21. My Goals at different points in time: To become a fashion designer, photographer, cafe shop owner, writer, film-maker, cartoonist, illustrator.
  22. My hubby is a cricketer
  23. My mom did my embriodery assignments in school
  24. My oldest & best out-of-town friends, I am still in touch with: Jayamala, Loya, Manjula, Meena, Nalini, Pinki, Preeti, Veena.
  25. We live in a spacious campus, with wide open, green, breathing space - a novelty in my city.


Baejaar said...

Sorry to spam you but I couldnt help leaving my trail here - first comment in the first post ;-)

Naresh said...

shopping for lemon??? tht sounds funny!

Anonymous said...

Hello Prithi,

Vipul here! was tryin to find rajeev in every nearby forests!

if ya know his whereabouts pls mail me


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