Sunday, November 13, 2005

Garam Masala

Akshay Kumar and John Abraham in Garam MasalaWatched Garam Masala 6 hours ago. It was good. Considering I was watching a movie in theatre with friends, after a long time. The movie was good, I mean.

Among the song, my favorites are Ada, simply for the way Sonu Nigam plays around with the word. And Garam Masala, for the rap part of it and more importantly for the signature tune, the whistling type. Very catchy and smile inducing.

Well, the movie is about Makhrand or Mac (Akshay) and Shyam or Sam (John Abraham) and their jugglery. Paresh Rawal plays their cook, who bears with it all. Which means tremendous scope for face contortions, especially when he has to keep his mouth shut. He had the minimum dialogues, which is a waste considering his part in Hera Pheri. Other characters come & go. Oh the girls. Ya they all looked good in their air-hostess uniform, which was expected of them.

Akshay Kumar and John AbrahamThe movies moves so fast that there is no time to think about morals or ethics part. Plagiarism and debauchery is not an issue. Stopping the ‘Bangkok flight’ from opening the middle room door is. Akshay’s emotional cycle is the high point of comedy here. One moment he is cursing and next he is a giggling, sweet talking jerk. Abraham is the manipulative goof here. He executes it well with his looks alright, but he’s got a lot to learn. And the living room sofa ! My my ! Everybody trips the sofa, all the time. The only disgusting part was the way cook dumps food in the bin. Okay okay it’s a comedy, plus they don’t show the actual food; so it’s ok. Priyadarshan, as usual, delivers a paisa vasool

The movie was two and a half hour long, but the whole thing felt like 5 minutes !

And oh, the parting shot of the movie - now that's delicious. Not to be missed !


khelnayak said...

Cool...will surely try to watch it. :) Hungama was a good watch. Hope this one too is as good as that.

Shankari said...

Wonder if showcases John Abraham well!?!

He is one HUNK! Don't know who drools over him more- me or my 11 year old :p Anyway, its great that the guy is able to cut thru the gen. gap. I'll surely try & chk him out in this movie. Thx Prithi.

Naresh said...

YOU SAID IT!!! The flick is fultoo time-pass! n wtchng it wid frnz is lk an icing on the cake! me 2 cn it wid frnz n had one helluva time!

Rahul said...

Seriously not much time to think about rights and wrongs. Total tripping ! Worth watching I must say :)

AKS said...

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