Monday, July 10, 2006

Final is over

I stayed up till 2:30. And for what ?
It was such a boring match.
Hardly any goals. 2 goals in 90 minutes. One was Zidane penalty which looked simple, but he dinked it. And other Materazzi's one, which was the only good one.
Then extra time. Nothing again.

2 hours gone, and then penalty shootout.
I mean, what is the thrill about a penalty shootout ?
If that's what they wanted, they could have done it in the first hour itself.
And then, so many contacts, injuries & tiny breaks. Plus, every minute the ball rushed out. No footwork lasted enough to thrill.

For me the highlight was Zidane's red-card. Man ! how can he do that ! It was unbelievable. Really, height of pressure.

As far as I know, all finals are such lacklustre matches. Two of the best, not letting each other excel. Expected.

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AfricaBleu said...

That's the down-side of watching the pros, all right -- their technique is beautiful to behold, but they are all so good, it takes away a lot of excitment.

Pro-basketball is that way, too, I've noticed, only opposite -- those guys are so good, they end up making a jizillion baskets each every game, and after a while, it's just not interesting anymore.

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