Tuesday, November 8, 2005


I say, why do I have to discuss my favourite serials after they are gone ? Yesternight I rushed through the dinner and parked myself in front of the TV for 10pm show of Wonderfalls. And boom ! they show some silly filler. Pst.

Well I hope they come back with the next season. But from what Google tells me, there was no next season. Shame.

I had been skeptical during the promos, but the very first episode got me hooked. Fabulous background music. I don't catch the lyrics, but the sounds are always apt. The star of this show is Caroline Dhavernas. Straight hair, shining eyes and eyebrows flying all over the face. Its about Jaye Taylor, to whom suddenly, all the figurines with faces start talking ! I specially like the therapist's book-reading monkey, which always goes "Eye Love you". Cute. Incredulous & resisting as she was initially, by 6th episode she starts working on their instructions in almost auto mode. Even 'staple her shoe-lace to wall'. She needs to do what they ask her to, no matter what the intepretation. Or they nag & nag her.

I think the fun here, is that, it is very adventurous, in a limited setup. No exotic locals or characters. Just Jaye Taylor, her family, friends and Niagara Falls.

Anyway now, the SaveWonderFalls guys share my enthu. They have put up a good lot of info about this show. And here a really really good review if you want to know more.

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