Saturday, October 5, 2013

Biking in September

I just had to start biking. How long could I give those long sighs while young hipster kind kiddos zipped around in one. Envy can work wonders sometimes. And these have been my favorite haunts so far. For now its me alone. So this is my me time. Waiting for kids to grow up and start biking, so they can join me.

Chain of Lakes:
2 rounds each of Lake of Isles, Calhoun and Harriet. 2.5 hours whole. That is about 18 miles [2*(3+3.2+3)] Same time Baby A & R cycled around Calhoun i.e 3.2 miles = 5m not a joke !
2 loops of Lake Calhoun - 6.4 miles in 40 min

Hyland Park: Biking 40min
St Paul stretch: Back & forth on the Shepard Road. 5.2 miles in 40 minutes, each side.