Thursday, August 8, 2013

Chennai Express

Chennai Express - good fun movie. Main bolti sooopaaaar hain.

Movie had signature SRK and signature Rohit Shetty stuff.
Car chases, destruction, SRK getting bloody face. Arre jab tak SRK pit-tha nahi, tab tak picture mein maza nahin and the romantic SRK was there too.

Made of all good moments: DDLJ train moment& the parody after, 1234 song, 4 state showcase in KashmirTu. Then antakshari, MS Suprabhatam....

Train shots were awesome beautiful. And pretty Deepika, witty dialogs, no SouthIndian mockery.

What did not work:
Tangaballi should have been little more than a showpiece.
And where was SP part of song ? I didnt hear it. Damn.
And that HoneySingh's song - aiyyo horrible.

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