Friday, July 27, 2007

Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows

The first book I read, in my new life, was Harry Potter Book 7 ! My Hubby remembered to buy it dot on 21st July, even while hunting around for baby stuff. And I read it while my baby slept. So I pretty much gave up my sleep time as well. But unlike other HP, I didn't sit through the night reading it. I am not that much of a superwoman.

Was good. Was definitely better than HP-B6. In sharp contrast, things move a lot faster here. Actually a lot of things happen here. Any crawling would mean, trible the size of book. And things get solved so fast, so obviously that its pretty incredible. But fine, since we want to know how it all ends, this is acceptable.

So much of the stuff was pretty crisp. Her trademark humor was sprinkled only a little bit. Everyone we knew, everything we knew, make an appearance here. And the Dumblerdore-Snape arrangement, that was not much of a surprise for me. From the way Snape kills & Dumblerdore dies in HP-B6, it definitely looked like an arrangement. And good thing it was.

And death, boy there is atleast one in every chapter. The only ones that moved me were the 3 during the war.

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