Thursday, November 27, 2008


this is just way too big.
i dont want to utter any foolish words.
all i can think of - is protect. and defend.


Jani said...

As an Indian the first feeling is of shame. Not just the shame that we are so vulnerable and without the ability to protect our own land/people/property. But shame that we are unable to learn from the past mistakes. Frankly I don't know what could be the solution :(

Prithi Shetty said...

Nothing, just that we have to stop languishing and take action.

Mosquitoes bite. We cant kill all mosquitoes. But we can remove sludges and we can build our immune system. And keep malarial & other medicines handy.

In Mumbai, war is going on. Not a terror attack, but a full-fledged war. It happened in Kashmir. Army is on, so it will take its own course. But we need to protect other cities too.

I want to say a hell lot more. But I dont want to say anything foolish and tempt destiny. I believe that some of the times, arm-chair analysis is only salt on the wounds.

Anonymous said...

Forgiving a Terrorist should be left to GOD.
But fixing their appointment with GOD is entirely our responsibility.
- Indian Army.

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