Friday, November 24, 2006

Hop, Jump & Skip visit to Udupi

Coconut grove outside Udupi homeI find it very amusing when friends praise the beauty and tourism value of Udupi. Whether it is the Udupi Krishna temple, or Maple beach or the Saint Mary's Island.

That's because Udupi for me, has always been my Grandpa's home, to go to for summer vacation. I never explored it as a traveler. Ofcourse we paid customary visit, to the temple and beach.

Well @ Udupi homeBut more interesting things were watching all fishes in the well. And to check the water level that year, that vacation ! Hoping the water has risen high enough for us to touch.

And then playing around in the coconut grove, lazing around along with the cows tied in open.

Visit to the beach has been more fun in recent years with more kid cousins. Growing up, me & my brother were the only ones to kid around. Malpe sea beach

Riding the rickety buses plying around. Esp for the parent supervised visits to Udupi market. For bakery stuff, chakli, rutti (for the delicious kori-rutti), Masala Dosa & cola at Diana and sometime Gold shopping !

Even if now I am a grown up, not much has changed. It's still parent supervised visits to the city so we don't get lost :)) I haven't explored anything beyond.

But I am ok with that. I get to the see rest of the world enough on my own.

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Anonymous said...

Yep...DK will always be the place that I will also remember as a place that we spent the best 2 months of the year :-)

And, I think its too beautiful..
Would love to see more pics ..


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