Sunday, November 19, 2006

Casino Royale

Too good, I say. 3 out of 3 of us found it that way. It's 1 am and I am still wide awake in awe.

Daniel CraigThe opening sequence may have been cryptic. But I got my answer, as to why they have bathroom tiles in background for the signature scene where we see Bond through a view hole, fire a shoot.

And we also come to know why he drinks Shaken Martini only. And the secret behind his suave black suit dressing style.

After watching nearly 3 weeks of Jemu Bond every weeknights on TV, I can list out what this Bond did differently.

The movie was not glossy, stylished and polished like Brosnan ones (Brosnan is my fav). And he definitely did not romance as much as Connery. There is more blood, more sun & more dust here. And there was no MonnyPenny (how can they?) and Q either (really too much!).

But there was a lot more of other things. The Scared guy chase was spectacular, absolutely incredile. Bond uses his brain alright, but the Scared guy was practically Superman. Ultimate I say. And then we get treated to more quite gambling sessions, with witty dialogues and cold blooded murders in the one hour intermissions.

When the love part begins, we were confused, is this the ending ? It was nearly 3 hours by then. That would have been really really different. But it soon changes, and we get what was left out throughout. We get a very slick, "Bond. James bond".

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AfricaBleu said...

Hey, finally a movie I can watch in the same quasi-time frame as you! I am not usually a Bond fan, but this guy may just make a convert out of me -- meee-ooow!

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