Monday, June 13, 2005

Movie Day - D \ Mr. & Mrs. Smith. \ Parineeta

Last week was a movie week for me. And especially after a long drought. Tuesday night we saw "Bunty Aur Babli".

And Saturday was spent in just one multiplex. Hubby, me, a couple friend and their 5 year old daughter. We saw D, followed by lunch. Then came Mr and Mrs Smith. Followed by evening coffee and golguppas. And by now we were emptying our purses and wallets for money - as the theatrewallah refused to take cards. Anyway, we collected enough for the night show of Parineeta.The whole experience was so college time-ish.

Nightout was at the friends place. I ended the day with a late night show of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge on TV. Wow !

D: Randeep sported cool ray-ban and style, and spouted management lingo/jargon. What a new recruit needs? Not experience, but training and will to learn. How to increase revenue ? How to start from the scratch in a new area and make it to the top? Etc etc. Only this thing involved guns and underworld. Not bad and nothing special either.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith.: Now this was a movie about a married couple, who discover each has been hidding a secret life from the other. And so, after the first shocks, get immensely mad at each other and into a big fight. After the fight reaches its peak, when there is nothing else left to do except kill each other, they make up - like any other married couple wanting to be together inspite of anything. Nothing unusual. Except that here they use guns (very sophisticated types) and hand-to-hand combat for their fight. Both these elements make this movie an immensely watchable. That plus the witty barbs and cool looking pair.

Parineeta: Now this is a drama. All characters acted well. Lolita in love (for Shekar and her family), Shekar's jealousy, Naveen Rai's greed, Shekar's Mom as mom's usually are, Girish the gentleman, Koyal's crush on Girish, the extremely crisp talkative Bhabhi and her pretend-suffering husband, naughty Charu. All of them combined with beautiful sets and interesting location (Calcutta & Darjeeling) and few good songs, made it a watchable movie. One higlight, in climax when Shekar's mom goes "Sach beta"; here the entire hall exploded in a laugh. And instantly bounced back to the serious mood of the scene. Hmm also, this movie makes me want to start using all hair jewellery again :) Best songs here: Kaisi paheli zindagaani, Piyu bole & Kasto Mazaa (the train song). Sonu Nigam, Sunidi Chauhan & Shreya Goshal excel here.


Baejaar said...

Atlast I need to handover the throne to you. You have beat even me in the movie marathons......

Varna said...

Looks like you had quite a time witha ,ot of 'mainstream' cinema! Thanks for ur comment on my blog by the way...

"Indeed it is an e-mail- whose source by the way is the Delhi Police notice.... it was up on Dilli Haat a week ago! :) as far as deling useful pts... well that's the point no? Absurd code of conduct and looks.... I did not intend to quote! "...

Take care!


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