Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Goldy's Run - 10 mile - 2018 - Race Recap

My first time running Goldy's Run 10 mile. I can't think of why I avoided it so far. Maybe it was the brown full-sleeve shirt, because I lean more towards the half-sleeve shirts. But after running this race, I am thrilled, for many reasons.

And I loved the official finish photo they shared on the result board. A1 click.

First off the weather scare build-up to this race on 8-April Sunday morning. There were predictions of sub-20F cold morning and heavy snowstorm. Numerous backup plans about the clothes to wear till the last minute. Eventually things worked out. I ranged from 16F to 25F, but the running experience was just like in the 30s.

After parking in one of the lots in UofM, we moved to the 3M Arena, where all runners could wait in warmth.

The indoor stadium was soon tightly packed.

But this was the place with the smallest line for the restroom and water fountains.

Starting point was right outside TCF Stadium. Bag-drop was here too. Afterwards I came to know there were 9000 runners that day.

The 10 mile route was scenic. While I enjoy the riverside part of the route, I sickening hate those steep mountains by UofM. Other races have hills. These are mountains yes.

View from the Franklin bridge, shows there is still some snow drifting in Mississippi.

And in this one, I was trying to capture the monorail on the bridge with UofM logo. This is on the loop back at about 7 mile.

The last mile was a loop around the TCF Stadium, on the cobbled stone/tiled paths, which felt boring, being the last mile & all. And then we entered the tunnel and moving towards the finish arch, right in the middle of Stadium. This stadium finish was oh so thrilling. My finish time was 2:20:58 hours.

Couldn't get enough pictures in the stadium. The temps, in this race, ranged from 16F in the morning to close 25F at the end of the race. My race gear was perfect. It was the same I use for runs in the 30's, but it worked in the 20's as well. The only new thing were Hand-warmers my run-buddy brought for all of us. They were a life saver in the morning and I hung on it till the end.

The race swag was a very good quality full-sleeve technical shirt and light-weight square medal. I signed-up for Mail-my-BIB, so shirt pickup was after the race.

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