Sunday, June 11, 2017

Running Fuel

On the topic of nutrition for a long run, a whole lot of articles have been written in detail. I don't want to copy-paste any, so have the links in below section.

Here I will just summarize the points which I would usually say verbally to anyone in concise manner. But reading about fueling, is very good for the understanding this concept and then come up with your own solution for your long runs.

Any run beyond 1 hour means blood sugar/glucose is exhausted and you are running on empty tank. Since the wheels are still rolling you don't notice. And then suddenly legs and brain come to a stand still and you wonder what happened ? Sheer will-power will get you only so far. This is the reason to eat up something before that 1 hour is up. And then every 30-40 minutes.

And that something is at least 200 calories with sufficient carbs in it.

If you run in loops, then leave the food/nutrition with water at your rest stop. If its a no-repeat trail, then many belts & backpacks are available to carry nutrition with you.

Nutrition choices are enormous. It can be locally available fruits (banana, figs, dates, candied pineapple, Agra petha) and/or processed options (Clif bars, Gu, beans, gels, electrolyte/Gaterade/Powerade).

Getting an electrolyte drink along with water is crucial. It will refill the electrolyte lost in sweat. And it will help body absorb the plain water you are drinking.

The glucose-dense food will quickly nourish, after the stores are exhausted after 1 hr run. They give the jump needed to go the extra mile.
The main tip here is, to remember to refill before your body exhaust. Cause the newly ingested food will take sometime to kick in.

This covers for runs which last longer than an hour.
If your intention for running is weight-loss, then these food items are not the ones you want to skip. You can skip carbs from some other meal. But you need these run-nutrition, simply to finish your long runs in good shape and mood.
For short runs, lasting below 1 hours, there is no need to indulge in these supplementary foods (candies really).

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