Monday, January 9, 2017

Steps to Yoga Addiction

How to go from 0 to feeling-like-an-expert type in Yoga.

To begin with, as a non yogi, all your life, feel left out or inept when the neighbourhood aunty says she can touch her toes or when told the legend that Rekha & Dr Raj Kumar owe their suppleness and health to Yoga.

Take the first step and do yoga along with a Youtube video. Here is the tiny video which is sold as stretches, but is actually is a gem collection of key poses.

If you are still unsure about joining others, then start doing more in your own privacy. But first get new gear - comfy yoga pants and the all important, colorful Yoga mat. Blocks & Straps are good too. But if not ready to invest in one, then make your own with left-out straps and folded towels.

Next thing for DIY Yoga - are the videos. There are loads of channels to follow on Youtube.
Just take your time out, lock yourself in a room with a large display screen for the Yoga videos. With a calming background music, step by step instructions, these are the best to work out a session with.
  1. Psyche Truth
  2. Yoga With Adriene
  3. Soft Music & Yoga ~ Yoga Yak
  4. Shilpa's Yoga

Now that you are comfortable doing Yoga by yourself, it's time to get out there, do it with others, I mean in a Group. Whether it's a group class in your generic fitness gym or a Yoga specific studio. It doesn't hurt much or cost much, to try out a few weekly sessions.

I can guarantee you, by week 4, you will proficient in knowing what is cat pose ? how different is it from cow pose ? The dog pose, cobra, warrior, even Vinyassa.

It's admirable how the Yoga instructors calmly lead us through each step. And given the finite number of poses, they structure every class different from the other. That alone is enough to make us come back for more.

That and the last 5 minutes of Shavasana. Nothing can beat that.

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