Saturday, February 20, 2016

Harry Potter new short stories

I don't agree with the new short stories published in Pottermore.

The reason why HP 7 fascinated me, was not just that she created a brilliant new world with things and events that were fascinating, but also that they were her inventions. There were talks of her being influenced by other books. Yet these were still very original or imaginary.

Fault with the new stories is that, they are trying to pull-in real life past events, into the HP universe. The native-american history and culture details. Salem witch trials. That is cheating, I feel. Salem fire trial portions in HP itself had pissed me off. Yes that was the only thing in HP series that pinched me as insensitively incorrect. And now the whole set of stories, trying to say real-life events were part of her universe.

Penseive, Dementors - I can't describe what I felt when they were first revealed. The simplicity of those ideas, yet their importance in the story telling - nothing can beat that.

I follow the HP fandom on FB pages, reddit and tumblr. The kind of devotion that is shown online always reminds me of Ram-bhakti.

Actually initially, I used to draw parallel between the HP-RW-HG trio and Ram-Sita-Lakshman trio when describing HP books to the non-reader aka my Hubby. And this was before it became evident that RW & HG are going to be a couple.

So ya, HP devotion is on it's way to meet the devotion shown to Ramayana. Maybe the earth history
is going through a loop. Ramayana was written, fascinated everybody both in terms of emotions as well as sci-fi effects, fans took to going ahead with interpretations, adding sub-stories, including in oral and dramatic sub-cultures and inclusive into Hindu religion. Maybe HP is following the same path.

And that is why I take a break from being a fan and am registering my protest. And a request to JKR to not include real world events and things into HP universe. Her wizarding world is fascinating in itself. Let any more additions be creations of her own. I know that cannot be an easy or short process. But she is more than capable of it. We have waited earlier and we can wait long. Let the movie studios not corrupt this please.

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