Thursday, July 26, 2012

Along the way ...


A5 backseat commentary for my solo driving in US this year:
* Day 1: Excited with full clapping - "Well done Mom ! You did it !"
* Day 6: Smart aleck with full firang twang, "You sure know to drive Mama !"
* Day 21: Full exasperated, "Its taking too much time today ...."

Seriously they should come up with Dora/Diego/Mickey etc with songs saying "Eat your food ... eat your food...". Kids respond to everything on these shows. Atleast they will start eating too !!!!!

I spend days looking for those tiny little shoes. And then they get lost in minutes. Hufp !


Filmy Biwi ka side Effect

Eureka - S4:E14
This sequence excited me so much I had to make this collage.
And that episode, where all stuff start flying upwards. That was in lieu of the title sequence, we have been watching for so many seasons already.

Minnesota icebox - (in a sing-song Advertisement voice)
Cold khana garam karna ho ? - 30 sec in microwave.
Hot khana thanda karna ho ? - 30 sec in balcony.

Warmup Cold food ? - 30 sec in microwave.
Cooldown Hot food ? - 30 sec in balcony.

First Snow of the Season !
Yeah ! Finally its here !
Regret not taking the before photo.
But it just went from 0 to 1 and then 2 in 1 hour !

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