Saturday, August 28, 2010

Air-travel with kids 101

Tips on Air-travel with really young kids.

- If stroller does not fit in your perimeter, chose a baby-carrier for infants.

- Have light cabin bag or none at all. Ok none is not possible, what with diapers, bottles, formula & change of clothes. Whatever cabin bag, have one with WHEELS. Oh yes ! that and never overpack.

- Dont forget to request for Bassinet with airlines at the time of checkin, incase you are travelling with infants.

- Before boarding at the gate, request for Wheelchair assistace at the destination. This will speed things up for you. You can travel in Airport-caddy. And in India you can bypass long queues at Customs/Immigration desks.

I don't know why airports have this thing to collect boarding passes each time at every hop airport, for infants. This is as opposed to getting boarding passes for all hops at the first airport itself. So we need to conserve energy and get things done as fast as possible.

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