Monday, September 4, 2006


What a NICE road indeed !

This one stretches from Kanakapura Road (near Talaghattapura Police station) to Mysore Road (Kengeri).

Distance-wise it is 9.6 km and takes 5-10 minutes max.

This is a surprising, coz to reach the same place via Kanakapura Rd, Ring Rd and Mysore Rd takes like 1.5 hours in daytime. (10 minutes ! That is too much shock, when its the first time).

I even got to cross 100 kmph. And that is unbelievable in Bangalore.

Now only thing to wait for is for the entire stretch to be completed. So this road will join Magadi Rd - Mysore Rd - Kanakapura Rd - Banneghatta Rd and finally Hosur Rd !

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Nalini said...

Hey prthis, Thanks for photo.This inspires me to go for long drive on this road

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