Sunday, May 25, 2008

My Mom's Kitchen Shelf

My Mom's Kitchen Shelf. And my entry to the CLICK May 2008 event.

CLICK Beans n Lentils

This month's theme is "Beans 'n Lentils". I have always been a fan of Lentils or Daals. And only now do I realize, that they are a manna. Very nutritious and tasty and quick to cook, especially for Baby food.

Let me share my recipe for Baby food. This has variety and considering that it has to be made day after day, for 3-4 meals a day, very convenient, as it does not require much thought. Rice, Daal & Veggies mentioned below can be used in different permutation-combination.


  • Rice: White, brown
  • Lentil/Daal: Moong, Toor/Arhar, Masoor
  • Veggie: Carrot, Potato, Cabbage, Spinach/Palak, Cauliflower, Sweet potato
  • Salt & Turmeric
  • Broken wheat: Optional

    1) Wash equal portion of Rice, Daal & Wheat in pressure cooker.
    2) Add double quantity water.
    3) Add a pinch of salt & turmeric powder.
    4) Add chopped veggies
    5) Pressure cook to very soft.
    6) Puree a meal portion.
    7) Store the remaining in Fridge. Puree fresh when required.

    It's a form of kichdi. But once pureed, it gets a look of Pudding or fruit-less Custard. This pureed food is the best till Baby is toothless.
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