Saturday, August 10, 2019

Minnesota Half Marathon - StPaul - 2019 - Race Recap

Brutal. That's what this year's Minnesota Half Marathon was, on 3-Aug-2019.

July had been rather cool, not hot at all. Race morning however was all hot & steamy. Still it looked manageable. There was Sun out in open and I guessed it would be 70'sF. I did not expect it, but it was the rising humidity which took the toll. Race started as usual and I kept the usual pace while being on the sunny side of the road. After the turnaround, made it back to the Science Museum side, which is 8th mile. Now the breathing seemed labored and I took my first walk break. Here on I saw many stops where medic van was helping runners. My run buddy who ran a 10 miler, actually saw many people throw up.

So by 9th mile, I decided that this slow pace is fine. I only need to cross the finish line. The real torture began after the turnaround on 11th mile. On this last stretch, Sun was on our back. No big deal. But gradually after 5-10 minutes I could literally feel all of my back - from my head to the heel - was on fire. I let out a yelp and turned around. This was totally real. But there was just no escape here - no trees, no building shades to hide behind. I don't know how I went on. Everyone on this stretch was red-faced, feet jogging ahead. On the 12th mile, a young girl was red-faced and crying. I tried screaming some motivation stuff, but within a few minutes I felt like I would breakdown. So I stopped and inched away from her but in forward direction. Every moment that I am talking about here, should be imagined in slow-motion. Anyway finally made it to the finish line.

And it shows up in my race time - a never before 3:15:33 hours.

Brutal & Horrifying - that what this race was.

Race gear is the same design as last year, which is great because it's a lovely cut & great material.

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