Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Sideways. I bought this book nearly 3 years back. And now found time to read it. Its ok type. I am a very discerning book buyer. But this time I got swayed by the Sideways the movie promos.

First few chapters are only about Wine and Women. Fortunately women bit eases out, replaced by some bit of adventures. I think adventure is too strong a word for what happens. It's that tame. But there are bits & pieces of humour around. I am not talking of level of subtlety. Only quantity. The book is my introduction to the world of wine snobbery.

The hero and his friend, they are more like a grownup version of Tom & Huckalberry Finn over a week. Or even a debaunched version of Harry Potter and Ron Weasley. And closer home, like Lucky & Bangali (of Oye Lucky, Lucky Oye); only they are more real friends.

But one thing for sure. This book has made me curious about what the hell is "Pinot Noir" ? I think I want to check it out. Amazingly once I finished reading this, the first thing I buy is "Pocket Reference Book of WINE". At a good sale price too. Let's see how this is.


Rajeev said...

hmmm...Pinot Noir :). How is the overall book? Is it worth reading?

Prithi Shetty said...

hmm yes, not bad. You can borrow it from me :)

Anonymous said...

Can I borrow it too...ahh, off course after Rajeev :-)

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