Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Aamir - GhajiniI think this must be the first Hindi movie I have seen, in which the eponymous character was not hero or heroine or sidekick, but ... someone else.

The penultimate sequence which changes the course of Hero's life, that was so 1980-ish. I must have watched 100s of gorish voilent movies in my childhood, those being the 80s. But for this one I used my palm to screen out strategic locations on screen. I must saw, I did not see all 3 'smashing' scenes.

Kalpana track was the best one. Every single tale in it. Asin was definitely the best choice. If I watch Ghajini again (most probably not, but if I do), then it would only for those sequences which play out of the diaries.

Dialoges were good. That's what worked in the Sachin-Kalpana sequences. That plus Aamir-Asin acting ofcourse. But I loved it when 'Sarfarosh Sultan' says "Short-term memory loss patient" as a taunt, and repeatedly too.

Asin - Ghajini'Bheka' and 'Kaise Mujhe' were beautifully sung and wonderfully picturised. 'Gujarish' was rendered very well by Javed Ali and Sonu Nigam's humming was good too.

Speaking of 'Kaise Mujhe', it was picturised in all night settings, with Aamir moving from vehicle to vehicle progressing from autorickshaw to car to limo to plane. That is so reminiscent of SRK's Swades promos, which were more on blue tones and where he travels in cycle, moped, boat, train and every possible rural vehicles.

Aamir does use some more of SRK tools. Like the 'at peace with ghost' ending. And Autumn colored (plastic) maple leaves flying around in the end. In Mumbai that too !! And the six-pack abs look.

And so many mobiles phones in the movie, each of them wow. I wished they displayed the model name onscreen subtitle. I need to choose a good one for myself.


Rajeev said...

I enjoyed tamil Ghajini movie more than hindi one ;). They have changed the ending scene in hindi movie though...I really feel that Surya has done a fantastic and far better acting than Aamir Khan...do see tamil Ghajni and then you can compare. You can enjoy one my my favourite songs from Ghajini Suttum Vizhi

Prithi Shetty said...

You saw tamil one and hindi one ? When ? Where ?
Chalo np, show me Tamil one later.

Arre I saw Hindi one in front row first seat, 10PM to 1:30AM show.
Can you beat that ?
Any film seen that way will turn out good.
Even Ganga, Jamuna, Saraswati ! ;) :)

Reema said...

I have read so many reviews now that I will see Ghajini and judge for myself!

Preeti said...

Come to Japan and learn Japanese too... ;-)
I never knew you both know
Tamil also... and if not, then reading the subtitles and simultaneously enjoying the movie is a bit pathetic kind of work (at least for me :) ).
Ghajini-- Nice movie but my taste glands always look for Hera Pheri 1 type of movies.

AfricaBleu said...

Ah, the six-pack abs. One of the many reason I love Bollywood films.

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