Monday, November 3, 2008


Some well followed blogger used my unacked comment in her own quote.

The topic is my fav one.

Hmm, and no, I won't call that tightness in the chest & bubbling heat choking me, as childish anger. Yeh mat kehna, hota hain, chalta hain, duniya hain.

Update: With the arrival of unwanted traffic of sycophants, my comment section is begining to resemble a Rediff Messageboard. So here is some pureed summary for better understanding.

  • Plagiarism ? Exactly who talked about Plagiarism ?
  • Imagine a group discussion. All kinds of people in it. Some articulate. Some soft-spoken. Some with clever insight. Some quick to pick on the others insight and then use it to build further on it. It's not to put someone off, its mostly the need to race ahead. I would say, that sort of thing happened here.
  • And one of the recent terms to explain this phenomenon is internalization, made famous by Kaavya V.
  • For those ready to dole out "relax", "its only a ...", "over-reaction" and more blah advice, well, wait till something similar happens to you. Then you can see, how you check your emotion and how you express it ?

    If after this also they don't get the point, then it's their limitation. And they have to reflect. If they can spend their effort in posting a rude comment, then they can use that energy in some reflection too.

    Reema said...

    hmm maybe she liked the sentence and without thinking twice used it. Lets see how she responds to this post.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Ya, these things usually remind me of the concept of interlization, made famous by Kaavya V.

    the mad momma said...

    hey Prithi,
    Wish you had left a comment pointing it out instead of this post. i might have missed it if it werent for the pingback.

    apologies if you feel i had to acknowledge it. i probably did remember the order of it from your comment, considering you left it quite recently.

    on the other hand - i have written about this often while talking about maternity benefits - and i've got rude comments asking me how i dare to compare a 'choice'like pregnancy - with old age that is inevitable. and also whether i consider pregnancy a 'handicap'!! people are strange, arent they?!

    so again - apologies if you feel it is copied - it wasnt intentional - but the the argument is one i've used for a long while before your comment on my blog.

    the mad momma said...

    here - just one of the posts where I spoke about it.

    again - do wish you had brought it up with me instead of the bubbling heat and choking chest :)

    Anonymous said...

    You are assured of one extra reader which is me from MM's post. But honestly I think u r over reacting. Infact I find it pretty funny.


    Cee Kay said...


    I frankly don't see any plagiarism here. So she expressed the same opinion - isn't it possible she has same views? She hasn't copied your comment word-to-word.

    Mona said...

    hey prithi,
    i don't think there was anything to plagiarize to begin with. this is a view many share and i doubt there's anyone who can claim they thought of the whole idea first. that'd be prepostrous. anyhoo, the mad momma was nice enough to apologize, even without cause so i hope all your bubbling anger's been put to rest.

    D said...

    I don't agree with everything that MM says, but this once I'm with her. You left a comment on her blog, not a book! So relax!

    Prithi Shetty said...

    :) Chalo, this was a good experience. Thank you all :)

    MM, that feeling is gone.

    GTN, Mona, you say plagarism. I said, internalization. Which leads to reworded phrases. And fyi, IP applies to words, phrases & ideas too. Not generic ones ofcourse.

    Anon B, hmm, let me check. "Reduce MM traffic. Increase my traffic" ?? Hmm, hey they are not in my priority list. So what you do is your business ? :)

    And for over-reaction fans, I want to dig-out Inspired much?.

    But again, my blog - my choice of reaction. Deal with it.

    Anonymous said...

    you are making a mountain out of a molehill. well...there isnt even a molehill for that matter. Hope you weren't trying to be funny! I don't mean to hurt I am only asking.

    the mad momma said...

    you have to stop lettnig your life revolve around me, my comments my posts Preeti! I see you've dug out my other post. there is a huge difference between asking if osmeone got an idea from my post and writing apost - particularly since I know the journo who wrote it.

    and between you makig a trivial point about similar sounding comments. I hope we're done with digging around the archives because after a point its hard to take this lightly.

    priya said... more reader from mad maomma's blog...i think u r definitely overreacting...n causing urself unneccessary choking, aching etc.etc..
    there are zillions of people who definitely have the same views as yours..this is not plagiarism..

    the mad momma said...

    yikes - I meant Prithi Shetty, not Preeti, in my last comment.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    - So its ok for you to leave behind a link, and not ok for me to point something of yours ?
    - Real-life or internet, what difference does it make. Plus in real-life its tough to track who came up with the point first ? After all its faster to blog than to publish in a magazine.
    - You know the journo in real-life. How did she react ? Like you ? Am holding a mirror to you.
    - Havent you seen in a group discussion, one person coming up with a clever observation, and because she doesn't follow it thorugh, later on others spell it out like its theirs and take it further. I would say thats what happened here. Simple. but trust u to make an issue out of it.
    - Triviality ? Oh yes I forgot I was encroaching on your domain !
    - Most of the advice you have given in your comment - really you need to heed them first.

    preetischronicle, mountain ? Look who is talking.

    D, Priya, see my previous posted comment about over-reaction. And thanks-but-no-thanks about your concern for my health.

    the mad momma said...

    well i think we have nothing more to say to your aggression and accusation. its a cheap tactic for traffic - but you'll see that you actually have to have something substantial to say for the traffic to last.

    the odd wrongful accusation won't take you very far. I wish you luck with your 'quotable' words and your life.

    Anonymous said...

    You obviously have WAY too much time on your hands.
    I suggest, getting a life.


    Cee Kay said...

    Frankly? I feel you are getting workedup for nothing. I read the comments- hers and yours- and except for the mention of "children, women, pregnant,old and disabled" I don't see any similarities there. And even those haven't been copied word-to-word. And these aren't some rarely used words that no one but you can think of using them. Sorry, you don't seem to have a case here.

    I personally feel it was the unacknowledgement of YOUR comment that is eating you up.

    Anonymous said...

    I personally think, MM and Priti are fine in expressing their views and thanks to Priti for teaching a new word "INTERLIZATION". Looks like MIDDLE people are scratching each other's back too much ;) and trying to behave like managers asking for candy!

    I think everyone has a lot of time - including me, as I could not stop leaving a comment.

    Thanks for bringing me to your site though :) It's impressive. Keep writing.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    Anon, finally someone got it ! :)

    MM, traffic, me, really ?
    As usual you skipped the point again, and jumped to the cheap accusation of 'traffic' and how to keep continue it. Very "profound", thx-but-no-thx.

    Sunita, GTN, time ? Babes, you are nobody to teach me what to do with my time. And you can keep your judgement & conclusion to yourself. So buzz off.

    Cee Kay said...

    Prithi honey,in your eagerness to be sarcastic, you didn't read the comments carefully. I never said anything about time. All I said was, your and MM's comments don't match so I don't think she copied or "quoted" you.

    And as for buzzing off, well I will. I don't have time or patience for non-intelligent posts. I did waste my time here till now because I thought someone claiming to have been quoted by a well-read blogger must have something of substance to talk about or to substantiate her claim. Looks like you don't.

    Prithi Shetty said...

    GTN, good thing you are satisfied now. Since you too did not read my comment properly, I repeat, you can keep your judgements & conclusions to yourself. You are uninvited here.

    Have a good Day ya all !!!

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