Wednesday, August 16, 2006


When the movie actually ended, I just had to yell "Thank God, its over". Phew, what a relief ! My hubby has put his foot down, "That finishes our film quota for the year". Well any Hindi movie with so much resources is definitely watchable once. So is this. Not a bore definitely.

5 and a half of us had great time laughing throughout the 2nd half, when SRK & Rani were miserable and constantly weeping. The little one after wriggling around innocently muttered, "Yeh film utni achi nahin hain". What an under statement!

Best parts would have to be: stunning visuals of different weather, locations, train station, sets, good looking cast with even better clothes and makeup. The montage pattern in the begining, and towards the end, that was a good touch.

Race-towards-roses was wickedly suspenseful. Black beast was definitely funny. And so was marriage counseling part. That reminded of Desparate Housewives. But unlike in DH, where every couple sticks together, no matter what (I mean, unimaginably seriously, no matter WHAT), here it is pretty obvious SRK & Rani ad no plans to make it work. Its evident from the simple way it begins, with "Its only football". Ya right.

I made some calculations. SRK was married for 5 years when he first meets Rani. And for 9, when he next meets her next. And later his explanation is that he thought about her from the begining. That gives a clear picture of his character. And rani, she is someone looking for an explosive way to enter a relationship, obviously having led a boringly happy life. Well, she finally got it.

Rani in KANK

For 2nd half, we only had to laugh at so called misery of SRK & Rani, which none of us could relate to. Every family has a moody, party pooper, black sheep. And such kind are best left to themself. They can evoke empathy.

Using these samples to make a statement about marriage, that is pathetic. Actually only unmarried ppl can afford to make such naive statements. The actual married ones are busy living and working on their marriages, among other things. That is how this institution is the best working system across cultures, countries, religions, over so many centuries, in so many flavours.

This movie is not about some bs soulmates; its simply about 2 pathetic creatures, whose respective spouses are well off without their company.

Acting wise Preity Zinta was good, Abhishek was good, Amitabh was the best.
Priety Zinta had a dignified role and hideous wig.
AbkB lovely, with some shades of the highly temparamental character he played in Yuva. Only this time he didn't have a equal foil in Rani. But here he had his Dad. Good thing really.
And ohh the super cold chemistry between AB & SRK. Oooo too delicious.
Likewise, a unique Kirron Kher to pair with AB.
And the minute cameos by John Abraham & Kajol were such a welcome relief.

About the sets, what was that bad ligting in Rock & Roll Soniye? Perfectly good and the only song with meaningful lyrics, but spoilt as we could hardly see their faces. Where's the party tonight ? was good dancy. The green-shirted side dancer was giving good competition to the stars. And the rest 3 were lovely to watch the good-looking SRK, gorgeous Rani and beautiful background. I found Tumhi dekho na best of the 3, esp the line "... ke din mein hui jaise chandni..."

Though this movie is publicised as 'mature analysis of marriage' (blah blah blah), it simply is not. Recommendable as entertainment, but never as learning material. Definitely no place for KANK in my marriage videos list.


AfricaBleu said...

My parents are going this week to see this movie -- of course, since they only speak English, they can only guess at what is going on (they are always amazed at what the movies are REALLY about when the movies come out on DVD and we watch them together with subtitles).

And me? You know I'll watch SRK in anything -- even if he's just reading aloud the instructions on a VCR manual.

AKS said...

You found the movie - entertaining??? This is why the likes of Karan Johar make money on such crap as a movie.

Even the sequence of the black beast was quite predictable - although that was the best part of the movie.

I could bear it for just the big B and the junoir B.

Prithi Shetty said...

AKS, no point denying, that it was entertaining alright. It was worth laughing at two great looking people being constantly miserable over nothing. That is apart from the other 3 great ones. KJo does know weak story should be supplemented with other strong factors.

Becky, this film definitely better than a book reading session. It has the usual things we expect from SRK and Amitabh. So rest assured about that, at the very least.
But hey, why DVD ? You must have picked up a lot of Hindi by now. Check him out once on big screen too.

Velu Nair said...


Its my first time here, and came over from Kamla's blog where u had left a link. Should say I thoroughly enjoyed going thru ur review, and cud empathise with what u have been through! ;) :)

Been there, seen it!!

AfricaBleu said...

From your mouth to God's ears -- so far, the American public at large has no idea of the virtues of King Khan, so the movies don't get big-screen showings. But when (if?) I make it to India, a big-screen movie will be one of the "to-do's" on my list.

Anonymous said...


Whatever you say but this movie was NOT entertaining. A true, Bottom of the heart NO from me.

Believe it I took my entire staff - all hundred of them - to a show of this movie. Reason - to relax from a three month tense session we were going through.

No fun.

Naresh Kumar said...

You know what? You are a good "Writer" material! Good luck .
This is one of the very few good reviews I've read on KANK! Why is every body boo booing Sharukh & Rani? It is Dev & Maya we hate. I hate that Maya, for being bored of living a happy life and "having candles in her eyes" and waiting for that "man of her type" to break out of marriage; And Dev, who simply can not stand the possible rules and success of her wife, however loving she is, in her own ways.
Any body who hates this movie, is actually giving a thumbs up for Karan and waiting for a chance to "Gala dhaba-fi" Mayas and Devs.

Prithi Shetty said...

Hey Naresh, Thanks for the boost !

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