Friday, September 30, 2005

Kumar Sanu's new album

Its a good thing Kumar Sanu is back. Latest thing going on is:

Dil nashe mein chur hain
pass aa kyun door hain |
Do dilon ki doooooriya
Ab nahin manjur hain ...

No exceptional lyrics. Music from the Nadeem-Sharavan gharana. Which is just fine. Just when I was missing my staple food, he is back with an album, Aise Na Dekho Mujhe . Ah, I am so relived. It is so soothing to hear his voice amid all the orchestra & chorus.


hems said...

Yeah... a nice album from my favourite singer!

I-Said-It said...

Hi.. Really good album...Thnx for putting it here .. Actually i was searching for one of the song called "Aise na dekho mujhe" i was not sure abt the album...I got it frm here .. thnx once again...and keep on writing ...

Chandrajit Basu said...

Sanu-da is back with his magical voice....The album "Aise Na..." is excellent....the title song & "Mazbooriyan" are exceptional....Long Live Kumar Sanu !!!


is a yahoo group on Kumar Sanu and all his fans are requested to join this group and make it a success. I am myself a great Sanu-da fan. There are now 712 members and many active members who always participate in discussions about Sanu-da. hems, i-said-it and Chiranjit Basu, You all are invited to this yahoo group of KS.

This album of Sanu-da is the best of year 2005.

We all want Sanu-da back in full fleged singing in Bollywood.

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